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All about the Experiments Roadshows

What are they?
Experiments Roadshows are one of a number of activities run by St George’s, University of London that are designed to raise young people’s aspirations and increase their awareness of a range of educational and career opportunities in medicine and healthcare.  They consist of a set of fun-filled, interactive sessions delivered by St George’s Student Ambassadors that bring a range of healthcare professions to life.

Who is it for?

The Roadshows give students in year 5-11 a chance to try their hands at being medics, radiographers, paramedics or physiotherapists. All sessions are suitable for whole classes (maximum 32), and link well to Science, PSHE and PE teaching. The roadshows also work well as part of afterschool clubs or extra-curricular enrichment activities.

Where do they take place?

They are practical sessions which we take on the road and deliver to your students in your school. So, no need to worry about transport, we will come to you!

Our student ambassadors

Student ambassadors are current St George’s students recruited from every course and year group to act as representatives for the University. All complete a disclosure and barring service (DBS) check before starting work, and receive specialist training in project delivery, working with young people, presentation skills and health and safety.

Which careers are covered?

Currently there are five Experiments Roadshows:

1.       PROSTHETICS (Medicine)
Students discover and discuss the medical and the social implications of prostheses and get to make their own prosthetic finger! Requires use of a wet lab or classroom with sinks.

Participants learn about imaging and radiotherapy by diagnosing medical conditions using real x-rays and scans. Can be delivered in any classroom.

Using case studies, participants learn about the three main areas of physiotherapy; Neurological, Respiratory and Musculoskeletal. Requires use of a large classroom or hall for physical activities.

Students learn about the role of Paramedics in dealing with medical emergencies.  They will try their hand at basic life support, dressing wounds and triaging patients in mock scenarios. Requires use of a large classroom or hall to provide floor space for demonstrations.

5.       Healthcare Science Roadshow

Students learn about cardiac and respiratory physiology. They will discuss two case studies to help explore common heart and breathing conditions.



All Roadshows follow the same basic format:

  • They are an hour in length
  • They involve at least 2 St George’s Student Ambassadors
  • They are practical and interactive
  • They discuss the realities of pursuing a career in healthcare and provide information on course entry requirements
  • They contain National Curriculum links
  • They are offered completely free of charge*

*We are funded to offer up to 2 roadshow visits to qualifying schools in London without charge.

What does my school provide?

To ensure that the Roadshows run smoothly and safely we require:

• a teacher to supervise the class throughout the session
• a suitable teaching space
• participation in evaluation and feedback
• and, of course, the students!!

How do I book a Roadshow?

Roadshows run from mid-November to the end of May each year. Certain schools are prioritised. To find out if roadshows are available to your school contact us.

Simply contact the Widening Participation team for a booking form, complete and return it and we will be in touch.

We will always try our best to accommodate all requests for visits, although please be aware that demand is often high. If you can provide at least four weeks notice we are more likely to be able to help.

Get in contact

For all enquiries and to request a booking form, please contact:

Widening Participation team

Email roadshow@sgul.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8266 6342


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